Who I am

My name is Cristina Zanardi

My name is Cristina Zanardi and, as a former haute couture dressmaker, I consider myself a sort of artisan of hospitality: I sew holidays onto my guests like made-to-measure clothes.

If what you are looking for is not the usual hit-and-run holiday, but you want to return home richer in stories, knowledge and emotions than when you left, then I am the right person for you. The metaphor of the tailor-made suit is not accidental. In fact, I have not always worked in the hospitality industry. I studied accountancy, but my passion was tailoring. First with formal dresses, then with wedding dresses, but always with the same goal: to make every woman feel unique.

I wanted every one of my customers to feel good inside a dress made just for her and that she could feel it is hers in every detail. Not just needle, thread and scissors, therefore, but empathy and sensitivity to enter into her soul, discover her innermost and deepest desire to be able to give her that something extra that she didn't even know she wanted. Now I no longer make clothes, but that passion of mine has remained intact.

In fact, even today that I work in tourist hospitality, I offer my guests not just a place to sleep, but an authentic experience of life and knowledge of Lake Garda.

Since I am a curious and passionate person, who does not stop at the superficiality of things, I attended a Master's course in Sustainable Tourism of Lake Garda, delving into the history of Lake Garda, its traditions and the specificities of the area. I am therefore able to offer you a true Garda holiday.

Nature, territory, food: they have no secrets for me. If you are like me, and want to get to know every aspect of Lake Garda, learn its customs, taste its food, learn about its history and traditions, but most of all get to know the people who live it, I will be happy to help you. You will live an all-round experience, bringing home real emotions.

I do this with a storytelling of the area, I give suggestions on restaurants, producers, the best shops where you can do your local shopping, the best sports partners, all tested and reliable, so that you live the best possible holiday and can carry in your heart a beautiful memory of us. I do this by offering you unique and comfortable accommodation, all with their own peculiarities and never trivial.

I would like your time spent here, however much or little, to be spent recharging your batteries and rediscovering yourself.

I am waiting for you!


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