My romantic Gardone

«Everything is blue, like a sudden intoxication, like a head that turns upside down to receive a deep kiss.

The lake, of course, is Garda; the words are those of Gabriele D'Annunzio; the year is 1917. Before and after him, poets, writers and artists celebrated the magnificence of these places, which continue to arouse amazement and admiration: modernity does not seem to have affected their charm in the slightest.

Among enchanted landscapes, breathtaking views and fabulous villas, it is no wonder that Lake Garda continues to be the favorite destination for lovers and betrothed: everything here speaks the language of romance. To celebrate a wedding, a ceremony, an anniversary, in Gardone Riviera you are spoiled for choice: the Vittoriale, the island of Garda (which you can admire from the windows of my B&B), amazing villas, hotels five-star.


Lavish weddings...

To say: in 2018 D'Annunzio's great-grandson, Federico, got married right on the Puglia ship: it is the most evocative D'Annunzio "heirloom" housed in the Vittoriale park, a real war cruiser donated to the poet by the Navy in 1923. When we say an alternative marriage!

Those looking for luxury and elegance, on the other hand, choose Villa Alba. The neoclassical style, the imposing staircase, the statues and caryatids, the Art Nouveau rose window, the immense and sumptuous hall, the suggestive rear garden: everything is princely. Not for nothing, we owe the beautiful villa to Princess Sissi, for whom it was built, but she never set foot there for health reasons. The villa, now owned by the municipality, also hosts classical music concerts and theatrical works.

… and places of the heart

So much magnificence, I know, can stun. But Gardone knows how to be generous even with those seeking the luxury of simplicity and true emotions to celebrate a special occasion, an anniversary or to declare one's love.

I don't know if you've ever seen them, but the dawns of Garda are unforgettable and evocative like few others: a kaleidoscope of pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple that are magically reflected on the lake's waters. Nothing to envy to the northern lights.

Here at Garda Holiday Homes, to admire them, all you have to do is open the window of your room: the final and authentic emotion after a romantic dinner, which I can't wait to organize for you.

Gardone Riviera, panacea for mind and body

Always (we can say) Gardone Riviera has also been synonymous with a mild and healthy climate. It is the main town, together with Arco di Trento, to rest, relax, recover strength and health. Here it is like being by the sea, as evidenced by our splendid bougainvilleas or our famous lemon houses.

The "discovery" dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when wealthy travelers from Central Europe began to frequent the lake both for health reasons and to escape the harsh climates of the North: it was enough to cross the Alps and suddenly it was like being on the beaches of Liguria (but without traveling all those kilometres), surrounded by natural beauty and cradled by a sense of serenity and tranquillity.

Otherwise why did poets, writers and painters (Goethe, Klimt, Kafka, Rilke, Gide, D.H. Lawrence, D'Annunzio) choose these shores to draw inspiration for their works?

Maybe I will surprise you but it is in winter that these places give their best. In summer, Gardone and the other towns of Garda are beautiful but usual holiday resorts. In winter, on the other hand - but above all in autumn and spring - colors and scents explode; calm reigns supreme; the sunrises are more amazing than ever (for the sunsets you have to go to the other bank, the Veronese one). And thanks to the mild climate, outdoor activities (walks, excursions on foot or by bicycle, sports such as golf or sailing) are highly enjoyable even in the cold season (which is not so cold after all: from my window, even in January, I can see the lemons attached to the plant).

If you haven't tried it, you should visit the Salò lakefront at the end of the evening in the middle of winter. Pure magic.

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Do you want to organize a romantic holiday for two? Contact me to find out what I can do to make your stay at Garda Holiday Homes even more enchanting.

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