Can you help me?

Do you perhaps have a second home on Lake Garda or are you considering buying one?

Do you perhaps have a second home on Lake Garda or are you considering buying one? Do the fixed costs scare you and using it only one month a year seems a waste? Do you find it difficult to manage, perhaps because of the distance? Have you thought about renting it out to tourists, but you don't know how much you might get back and above all you don't have a trusted person to take care of the management and all the related problems?

What if you could count on a person with experience in managing short-term rentals? Who knows the place well and has a verifiable reputation?

Here, I think I can help you.

For more than 7 years I have been managing both my own properties and those of owners who have trusted me to achieve their goals: security, income, no worries, control and maintenance. I am reaping the rewards of my efforts. People not only trust me, they trust me to manage their holiday home. They have verified that I don't just rent a flat, I take care of it. On the other hand, I am an attentive host and I make sure that my guests have a pleasant stay, rich in cultural, gastronomic and sporting experiences.

Garda Holiday Homes facilities are increasingly sought after, the reviews are excellent, guests arrive without going through aggregator sites thanks to word of mouth and often return. In the last three years (thus including the Covid black year) I have recorded a 33% increase in bookings.

I have built up a network of reliable partners in line with my quality standards by testing them personally. I know the Lake Garda area inside out, its strengths and weaknesses, its traditions, its history. It is no coincidence that I am considered 'the best tourist office in the area' and my advice is never trivial.

The holiday requests I receive exceed my capacity to satisfy them, and although I actively collaborate with other hosts, when I 'pass' one of my clients on to another colleague, I lose control of the situation and cannot guarantee certain standards of quality, which - without fear of contradiction - are my pride and joy.

Do you understand? My reputation depends on it.

I must therefore increase the number of flats I manage. That's what I need in order to be able to satisfy all the requests I receive and not be forced to say: sorry, I have no room.

Lake Garda is full of second homes, which are closed for many months of the year, whose owners bear considerable running costs (taxes, maintenance, breakdowns to repair). Renting on a long-term basis or worse, renting seasonally, but in the black, is increasingly risky also because of the heavy fines (municipalities are increasingly money-hungry and have increased controls).

Thanks to my proven experience and network of trusted collaborators and partners, I am able to manage a large number of holiday homes.

The owner would have the certainty:

  • of a guaranteed and protected home;
  • of tranquillity and serenity even from a distance;
  • of a certain income;
  • of an experienced, professional, helpful (and language-speaking) manager.

Can you help me?

In order not to waste my skills and to guarantee a first-rate service, I have decided to commit myself to a restricted area of Lake Garda, which corresponds to the municipalities of:

  • Gargnano
  • Toscolano Maderno
  • Gardone Riviera
  • Salò
  • Puegnago sul Garda
  • Polpenazze del Garda
  • Soiano del Lago
  • San felice del Benaco
  • Roè Volciano.

I am looking for flats, in the centre or in the hamlets, as long as they have charm, preferably lake view and better if in contexts with swimming pool (much sought after especially by foreign tourists)

To find the soul to the house, transforming it in the dream of the vacationers, to embellish it for the professional photographic service and to find the clients in target with what the house offers, I take care of it, as well as all the bureaucratic and fiscal part.

Interested? Contact me with confidence and why not, spread the word among friends and family.

Thank you, Cristina.


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