Garda Holiday Homes, great relaxation

Technology helps us improve our daily lives, simplifying tasks that would take time and effort.

In my case, then, the internet and digital allow me to get in touch with people from all over the world and make booking procedures easy if not automatic.

You will agree with me, however, if I say that technology can also be a trap. You must have realised this during these long months of confinement and lockdown, during which there was little else left to do but stay glued to a screen, be it TV, computer or smartphone.

I doubt this has made you feel any better. Did you know that being hyper-connected alters the circadian rhythm of sleep and that recent studies have shown that using a mobile phone before sleeping reduces the total duration of sleep?

It is therefore possible that you, like me, have felt a pinch, a kind of rejection crisis, which has added to the inconveniences of modern daily life, which burdens us with responsibilities, makes us run from morning to night and doesn't let us breathe.

You too, like me, have felt a strong need to return to direct and authentic human relationships; to get rid of the stress of hyper-connection; to eliminate those night disturbances that make you sleep badly. In short, to 'unplug'?

Well, if that's the case, then perhaps you might be interested to know that, in the flats of La Piccola Gardenia, I offer just that: the possibility of recharging your batteries by staying in a facility designed in every way for your well-being; on a man's (and woman's!) scale.

All you have to do is breathe in the regenerating tranquillity of Morgnaga.

For me, sustainable tourism does not only mean that it is environmentally friendly, but also human-friendly in all its aspects: cultural, gastronomic, physical. Reducing the use of the car, favouring walking; choosing refillable courtesy sets (we are a Plastic Free facility); selecting ecological materials for the furnishings; recommending tourist destinations off the beaten track: everything goes in the direction of offering guests a completely relaxing holiday without giving up the best (and unknown to most) things the Gardesano area has to offer.

In short, my aim is to disconnect you from the internet, mobile phone and TV and connect you with the beauty (natural and cultural) of Lake Garda.

For this reason, I have chosen to be 'TV-free': in the flats of La Piccola Gardenialle you will not find television, only Wi-Fi and lots of books available.

I will therefore not ask you to switch off your mobile phone or close your computer, but I invite you to take the opportunity to detoxify yourself a little from technology, to immerse yourself in the colours of the Mediterranean scrub surrounding La Piccola Gardenia, to let yourself be pampered by the scents of the lemons olive trees and bougainvilleas, rediscovering the value of simple, authentic things, experiencing the atmosphere of a typical Gardonese home to the full, restoring body and mind by savouring homemade food, perhaps purchasing local organic products and accompanying them with local wines, lulled by the magical lake view.

Not sure what to do? I'll give you suggestions you won't find in the guides.

Don't know where to eat? I give you unbiased advice on local food products and the best restaurants.

Do you have special sleeping needs? I provide you with latex pillows.

For me, a holiday can be truly rejuvenating if - in addition to making you forget the chaos of the city with its traffic, noise and hectic pace - it also succeeds in giving you an experience full of humanity.

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